Penumbra Music 7″ singles


Song of the Interocyter
Penumbra 45-04 

Song of the Interocyter is now available (June 2010) in a numbered limited edition of 99. 

*          *          * 




  • Penumbra 45-01 – Lost Data – Hal Rammel.

  • Penumbra 45-02 – First Sleep – Hal Rammel.

  • Penumbra 45-03 – Next Memory – Hal Rammel.
  • This set of three 7″ 45rpm records featuring solo work for amplified palette by Hal Rammel was released in 2007 as a numbered limited edition of 144 with cover art by Hal Rammel, Lillian Rammel, and Gina Litherland.



    1. Hi,

      this is Babis from Greece.How do you do?I hope my email reaches you fine as well.I’m interested to get the following items:

      1.Hal Rammel”Song of the intercuter”7″ep(3 copies)
      2.Hal Rammel”Lost data”7″ep(2 copies)
      3.Hl Rammel”First sleep”7″ep(2 copies)
      4.Hal Rammel”Next memory’7″ep(2 copies)

      Please tell me the total.

      All the best

    2. these are absolute great items ! I love the sound, the design and the spirit in this ……….

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