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Three Days: A Radiophonic Journey in Three Parts

Penumbra CD014

*     *     *

Penumbra CD018 – Scrawl – Chris Burns and Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD017 – Fractures & Phantoms – Matt Turner and Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD016 – Agog – Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD015 – Midwest Disquiet – Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD014 – Three Days – Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD013 – Elementals – Thomas Gaudynski.

Penumbra CD012 – Improvisations for organ and Saxophone  – Steve Nelson-Raney and Gary Verkade.

Penumbra CD011 – Cutting Off the Edge of Time – Steve Nelson-Raney and Jon Mueller.

Penumbra CD010 – Twofer – John Corbett with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Torsten Muller.

Penumbra CD009 – Scratch Match – Michael Zerang and Raymond Strid.

Penumbra CD008 – Shards of Wiggett – Matt Turner.

Penumbra CD007 – Slybersonic Tromosone – Tom Hamilton and Peter Zummo.

Penumbra CD006 – breathing – Steve Nelson-Raney and Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD005 – Radiophagy – Lou Mallozzi.

Penumbra CD004 – Whole or by the Slice – Lou Mallozzi and Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD003 – Van’s Peppy Syncopators – John Corbett, Hal Rammel, Terri Kapaslis.

Penumbra CD002 – The Devils in the Details – John Corbett and Hal Rammel.

Penumbra CD001 – Elsewheres – Hal Rammel.


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