Song of the Interocyter

Song of the Interocyter

Penumbra Music 45-04

As a visual artist, composer, and performer Hal Rammel has been designing and building unusual one-of-a-kind musical instruments since the mid 1970s. The interocyter originated in the chance meeting of a billiard ball rack and the gracefully carved leg of a discarded footstool on his workbench in 1996. Amplified with a contact microphone, it generates sounds from the deeply resonant to the delicately ringing when played with a unique set of mallets and bows specifically designed for the instrument’s three-cornered assemblage of watch springs and music box parts. The two sides of this 45rpm record – Hal Rammel’s first solo recording on the instrument – explore its abstract collision of broken melodies and sonorous crashes.

Recorded in 2006 during work on the the Penumbra 7” singles project which resulted in the LOST DATA record series, Song of the Interocyter is now released as the fourth 7” single in the Penumbra Music catalog and is available in a number limited edition of 99. This recording is dedicated to musical instrument inventor and musicologist Hugh Davies and an essay by Hal Rammel on the work of Hugh Davies is included with this record.


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