New releases (June 2010)

Midwest Disquiet, new solo music for amplified palette, is now available on compact disc from Penumbra Music. Released in a numbered limited edition of 99 in a 7″ sleeve with an additional 201 numbered copies to be available in conventional compact disc packaging. The cover photo features a ceramic sculpture by Lillian Rammel and the image on the disc features an aerial photogrpah by John Rammel.

Song of the Interocyter is the newest recording in Penumbra Music’s series of 7″ 45rpm singles.  The featured instrument – the  interocyter – originated in the chance meeting of a billiard ball rack and the gracefully carved leg of a discarded footstool on his workbench in 1996.  Amplified with a contact microphone it generates sounds from the deeply resonant to the delicately ringing.  The two sides of this 45rpm record – Hal Rammel’s first solo recording on the instrument – explore its abstract collision of broken melodies and sonorous crashes.