A new CD from Chris Burns and Hal Rammel


Hal Rammel and Chris Burns have been improvising together for many years in various trios with Steven Nelson-Raney and Peter J. Woods along with a wide variety of larger ensembles.  This past summer they began playing and recording as a duo, focusing on amplified percussion, via Hal’s ampliifed palettes, and Chris’ work with electric guitar.  The results of those sessions have been released by Penumbra Music as the duo CD Scrawl.


A gallery talk by Hal Rammel at the National Music Museum

He is a short video about Hal Rammel’s gallery talk/performance at the Nation Music Museum in Vermillion, CD on June 13, 2013. “The Shapes of Sound” is a summer exhibition on the occasion of the acquisition of instruments by Hal Rammel into the museum’s permanent collection.

Fractures & Phantoms

5by7017Penumbra CD017 features duet improvisations by cellist Matt Turner and instrument inventor Hal Rammel (playing amplified palettes).

New solo CD by Hal Rammel


Agog (Penumbra CD016) is Hal Rammel’s third collection of solo works for amplified palette, an instrument he first designed and built in 1992.  All seventeen percussion pieces on this collection were recorded in realtime, without overdubs or processing, using set-ups of multiple palettes arranged as a tabletop instrument and played with a wide variety of homemade mallets.  Each palette has its own unique arrangement of vertical metal and wooden rods producing a rich resonant space that varies dramatically within the selections on this new recording.


The Penumbra Music Store is now online!

Visit the new Penumbra Music Store for online purchases of Penumbra Music CDs, 7″ singles, and books by Hal Rammel.

Intricate Machines in a Small Enclosed Space

Now available from Car Wash Tapes, Intricate Machines in a Small Enclosed Space, featuring duo improvisations by Peter J. Woods and Hal Rammel.

Here’s a track from this new cassette release:

Seeded Plain + Hal Rammel


Seeded Plain & Hal Rammel / (D)(B)(H)– split LP

Seeded Plain features Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer playing invented amplified instruments along with Hal Rammel on amplified palette. Recorded at Penumbra Studios in April of 2011.

FRIENDS & RELATIVES RECORDS is selling copies of the record for $12 (postage paid in the U.S. — intl. shipping charges upon individual request). Those interested can Paypal funds through the e-mail address below, or e-mail for info on how to order via check/cash.


A video about the Baschet Brothers’ aluminum piano

Aluminum Piano concerts, part of Motor Cocktail from MCA Chicago on Vimeo.

Video produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, July 2011.

The Baschet Brothers’ aluminum piano in performace

Trio featuring Baschet piano from Hal Rammel on Vimeo.

Hal Rammel (aluminum piano), Eric Leonardson (springboard), and Ed Herrmann (instruments by Tom Nunn) in a trio performance at the MCA in Chicago, July 1, 2011. Video by Gina Litherland.

Penumbra Music CD reviewed on Touching Extremes

Visit Touching Extremes to ready Massimo Ricci’s recent review of Hal Rammel’s Midwest Disquiet: “While it must be stressed that all the pieces are completely improvised, thus resembling more a ‘collection of possibilities’ with several amusing deviations from any theoretical norm of ‘regular’ performance, the truth is that the organic qualities of the sounds are the very reason behind the sensation of ‘aural health’ that accompanies the listener along the whole disc. ”


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